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Monday, December 3, 2012



We all know who this 26 year old woman is. We have watched her life unfold and unravel for 16 years like a nightmare horror alien flower opening in a display of black hole scary destruction! How this young woman survives her life from day to day is simply an amazing testament to the darkness that is Hollywood. She has hangers on and enablers who practically pour the evil down her throat.
Someone should have stepped into this woman's life years ago and forced her to get better!
Her parents are a complete disaster! Lindsay Lohan is obviously continuing the horrible upbringing she suffered from her very public parents... with all their lascivious behavior.
And, when the IRS finally seizes your bank accounts... the party is over. The IRS will put her in federal prison if it decides to do it. Things are now very serious for Miss. Lohan. Will she be sitting behind bars like Wesley Snipes in a year? Wesley Snipes got three years in prison for not paying three years of his taxes. He is due out sometime in 2013.
And the question begs for an answer... Have we finally had enough of Lindsay Lohan? That question will be answered as soon as she is locked up for an extended period of time and she is completely out of the spotlight! Will we forget all the chaos she has caused?
The end is very near, Lindsay Lohan. And the day you became 21 years old, all this craziness became your problem. Still. it sure would be nice to have your crazy parents suffer right along side you in the adjacent prison cells.